Dr. Harward Is Amazing
I can’t say enough about how good Harward Chiropractic is. I try not to miss a week and I always feel so much better whenI leave. He is amazing and will help you with your health issues.

Marylee G.

Helped Me Return To An Active Lifestyle
I started seeing Dr. Harward after my third back surgery and no success with the physical therapy that had been prescribed. I was a twisted mess- physically and emotionally. A lover of endurance activities in nature now unable to walk. I was afraid I was going to be crippled forever. That was over 20 years ago. I credit Dr. Harward with facilitating my return to an active healthy life. I visit him regularly to “keep me in line” and always feel better for doing so.


Kind and Caring
My family and I absolutely love Dr. Harward! He is not only extremely competent and intuitive, but also kind and caring. Just today, I couldn’t walk and was suffering excruciating pain in my lower back. His wonderful office squeezed me in and I am not only walking tonight, but can even bend backwards. He’s amazing, he’s affordable, and they are OPEN!

Rebekah L.

We Love Him!
I have been going to Dr. Harward for a few years and he was the only one that could get my husband out of bed and back to work within a day after being in a pretty bad car accident. My son also had been lifting weights and tweaked his back. He could hardly move without severe pain. After visiting Dr. Harward, my son was walking and moving when we walked out of the chiropractor office. It was pretty amazing. He is so good at what he does and explains all the different procedures he is doing. We love him!!

Mia M.

Helps Keep My Family Healthy
I absolutely love taking my family to Dr. Harward! He helps keep my family physically healthy with the adjustments and mentally healthy with the Emotion code work! I appreciate Dr. Harward and his office tremendously!

Kim S.